Daisy Games

  • The rose is a well-known symbol of romantic love, a symbol of the heart. The spiral curling of its petals stands for energy and represents both male and female together.
  • Similarly, yin and yang are depicted in a spiral pattern.
  • The candle is an indication of a lonely, tremulous human soul longing for love.
  • The daisy stands alone in the bouquet and represents anticipation.
He loves me – he loves me not, he comes to me – he comes to me not… is an old game that involves picking the petals off a daisy, one by one until all are gone. The conclusion is that the lovers can be together but only if "he loves me" falls on the last petal, hence the thrill of anticipation.

The world in the painting is divided into two spaces: that of the warm-colored interior and the cold blue outside the window. The following verse is from a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky.

She loves me – loves me not.
My hands I pick
And having broken my fingers
Fling away.
So the first daisy-heads
One happens to flick
Are plucked,
And guessing,
Scattered into May.