Flamenco Dancer

  • Red roses symbolize passion and sensual love.
  • The rose's petal arrangement resembles the swirl of the universe and the cosmic wheel.
  • As planets revolve around the sun, the petals whirl into the center of a rose.
  • Likewise, all mankind revolves around sensual love.

Dance is an ecstatic state that changes the dancers, igniting their passion and, one and all, placing them on fire in the flame of love. The metamorphosis of people into plants or vice versa was widely used in the mythopoetic ideas of the ancients. "It is only the gods who taste of death," remarked Oscar Wilde, "Apollo has passed away, but Hyacinth, whom men say he slew, lives on. Nero and Narcissus are always with us."

Flamenco, flower, female, and love – all merge into one in this painting. The music is audible. The merging of notes and brush strokes, drawing and rhythm, is a dream come true for French poet Arthur Rimbaud who sought a new poetic language. As another French poet, Charles Baudelaire, said, "...the sounds, the scents, the colors, correspond."