Flight of the Sun

  • This episode of balloon flight rises to a cosmic symbol.
  • The egg as a symbol of the origin of the world appears in the cosmological myths of many peoples.
  • In the Chinese tradition, earth and sky coalesced into a single whole like a hen's egg.
  • The origin of the world is compared to an explosion of the egg.
  • Here, the sky evolved from the egg's upper half, while the earth evolved from the lower one. In the sky, the sun that evolved from the yolk began to shine.

In modern cosmology, the onset of timekeeping and the creation of the
expanding universe (i.e., the creation of the world), are related to the Big Bang.

In this respect, the science has been approximated to many myths, including the Biblical version of the creation of the universe (Genesis 1:5).

Presumably, the idea that time also had to be created lived in the artist's mind because this painting has much in common with his Sunrise by the Ocean. In Sunrise, the egg is arranged horizontally and the idea of time "beginning to go on" is compared to the explosion of the egg.