Heavenly Fruits

  • Many world cultures regard heaven and earth in terms of the symbolism of opposites.
  • Heaven is interpreted as a symbol of ascent, infinity, and superiority, a source of cosmic and divine power. It has masculine qualities (the Chinese yang).
  • Heaven is a dwelling place of gods. It has a spiritual dimension too – the soul rises toward heaven in pursuit of absolute enlightenment.
  • Earth is a symbol of fertility and daily bread. It has feminine qualities (the Chinese yin).

Most traditions speak of heaven and earth separating so that life could surface. Imagine a symbolic ladder connecting the two worlds. The transition from one to another is spiritual – it is a moment of enlightenment.

Filling their baskets with heavenly fruits, the gatherers of the harvest of Eden move to the next celestial treetop. To each according to his effort, as the Bible says.