Journey Along the Edge of the Earth

  • This painting is divided into three sections.
  • Each section represents one element: Heaven, the sea, or the subterranean world.
  • The forefront presents an underground view. A giant egg-shaped rock fragment rests between sharp cliff edges.
  • The background hosts a cloud in the shape of a bird flying away. It connects the foreground and background, suggesting associations with Polynesian myths of the earth being created from an egg laid into the ocean by a giant bird.

Sails flying in the sea and birds soaring in the sky are symbols of wind, breath, and the human soul. Arranged in an almost vertical sequence, they create a sense of the cosmic infinity of the world. The Upanishads, spiritual texts of India, explore the nature of the universe, and tell of two birds perching on the Cosmic Tree: one of them busy eating, while the other is on watch.