Kill Time (diptych)

Time is an attribute of the surrounding world's existence and of our life. It is elusive. There are many attempts to define the notion of time. From literature we know that time can run, flow, crawl, fly, stand still...

Many artists over the years have tried to find a fitting imagery for the notion of time. In the artist's earlier painting "Webmaster", the spider weaves a web as a clock ticks over the invisible net of Time. Another example is the painting by Salvador Dali, "Persistence of Memory". There is also the expression "Kill Time". Obviously, Time is the subject matter.

On the new diptych, we see the symbolic Alarm clock hit by the hour and minute arrow hands. When a person wakes up from the alarm clock, he instinctively tries to "kill time" and often knocks off the clock. On one hand, he wants to kill the unpleasant moment of going back into reality, on the other, he wants to prolong the slumber. When we experience the good moments of life, we wish time to slow down or even stop.

We would like to live through unpleasant moments when there are times of anxiety or alarm. This anxiety most likely appears when we cannot change the course of events and we wish to shorten time or just "kill time". Naturally, only the "Arrow of Time" can hit Time itself (see Arrow of Time).