Magic of the Sunset

  • The early depictions of the universe showed the sun as the symbolic center, or the heart, of the cosmos.
  • Since its kind warmth and light are there for every living thing to enjoy in equal measure, the sun appeared to some stoics to be a kosmokrator or governor of the state of the universe (the cosmopolis).
  • Ancient Incas made a point of being the Children of the Sun.
  • Many of the artist's paintings (e.g., Sunrise by the Ocean and Breakfast on the Lake) are dedicated to the theme of sun and man.
  • These paintings explore the aesthetic side of the magic influence of the sun, especially through the mystery of sunset.

A recent work – Sunset Stillness – is particularly close to the subject of the present painting. It, too, resembles a mystical happening glorifying the sun.

In any totalitarian system, people are but screws in the organized hierarchy of values and posts within the state. In the painting, we see people as screws in the incomprehensibly vast cosmic system that falls under the spell of the kosmokrator itself – the sun. Before leaving them, the sun is bound to look back, bestowing its own screw-shaped reflection upon the pair of lovers as a blessing.