Moonlight Sonata

  • A musical theme sometimes appears in the artist's work. See paintings Woodland Musicians, The Cellist, and others.
  • Moonlight Sonata is one of Beethoven's most famous works.
  • The butterfly (psyche in ancient Greek) is a symbol of the soul.

The sounds created by the pianist from the butterfly-piano are tangible. The sheets of the score have taken flight and fluttered through the air. Like the rustling of leaves in a breeze, movement has swept through the rows of the audience clothed in cocoons and packed close to the scene in rapt attention. The sounds acquire substance and soar up in all directions like birds or butterflies.

The red color in the painting emphasizes the grandeur of the moment when the pianist achieves counterpoint and the ecstasy of the audience reaches its peak.

Balancing the warmer tones, the cold moonlight is in harmony with the colors that clothe the audience and with the butterfly-piano, but the balance is rather fragile. It seems we have only to throw back the curtain to find ourselves face to face with the cold vastness of outer space.