Moon Watch

Looking at night...
And the moon in [our] heads, as the empty square:
without the fountain. But made from the same stone.

Joseph Brodsky

  • This painting is one of the artist's older works in which he embraced the language of metaphor.
  • The moon, our closest neighbor in space, is one of the most mysterious celestial bodies.
  • There are reasons to believe the moon is of artificial origin (see the descriptions of Two Birds and Abandoned Dwellings).

"Two things fill my soul with wonder and joy… the starry sky above me and the moral law within me," said Immanuel Kant. Indeed, the moon, this "lovers' magical lantern" became a mythopoetic symbol in different cultural traditions a long time ago.

Observing the moon is like diving into the depths of the subconscious – the repository of the collective experience of mankind. It is a reminder of youth, the time when one was strong and high spirited.