Mythology of the Oceans and Heaven

  • Orpheus created a poetic and musical rhapsody about the creation of the universe and the appearance of harmony.
  • The French horn traveling on the ocean is a symbol of Orpheus himself.

This painting is an Orphic hymn:
To the ocean, where life on earth was born,
To the heavens, where many look with hope for a divine presence,
To the earth, which gives birth to plants and flowers and gives us daily bread.

This is a hymn of the sensual and spiritual life of the people (the legend of Shiva and Parvati), which rises to the heavens.

The vast ocean unfolds to the horizon with the following three mythological layers:
Background: The birth of earth from chaos and characters from an early period (prehistoric fish and snail). Middle ground: People's mythological cognition of the universe and earth (Biblical, Indian, Aztec, and Polynesian myths). Foreground: Our civilization with many myths.

The general movement from left to right starts at point zero, marked by a cosmic egg. It travels the world ocean, the cradle of humankind, to the magic bird – the symbol of eternal revival and immortality.

Myths of many cultures, including Chinese, Polynesian, Indian, depict the origin of the universe as the egg, laid in the ocean by a gigantic bird. The cyclic character of life is shown in the progression from the broken egg to the sacred bird of Yucatan.