Pillow Book

  • In Greek mythology, Hypnos, the god of sleep, inhabited a silent cave where poppies grew plentifully.
  • Hypnos' son, Morpheus, delivered dreams all over the world.
  • In Latin, Mens Dormiens – the book title in the painting – means "The Sleep of Reason."
  • There is an etching of the same name by Spanish artist Francisco Goya, in his Los Caprichos series.

The painting depicts the moment of awakening. This is when night still holds the reins in the shadowy part of the book-bed, and the golden morning light forces through the opened curtains of the dwelling space.

Dreams heal one's soul, balancing reality with elements of magic and the intangible world of fantasy. Morpheus is yet safeguarding the golden sleep that remains on the girl's silken eyelashes.

A bookmark in the form of a bird's feather symbolizes the flight of imagination.