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Romance For Juliet


Romance For Juliet

32 X 23.5 Inches

The painting guides us into the magical romantic twoworldness. Narrow side streets descending to the sea, houses with red tiled roofs, a balcony and a girl in white dress standing on it… The artist depicts a real Italian town of the Age of the Renaissance, possibly Verona – the native town of Shakespearean Juliette. But now we turn our eyes to a guitar standing in the foreground and an another world comes into its own – the fancy romantic world tinged with light irony. As in the weird tales of Hoffmann a thing transforms into a living creature (remember his Nutcracker) without losing its qualities as a thing. We see a musical instrument girding itself with a belt, the red color of which has something in common with red tiles of the roofs. Its neck takes the grotesque shape of a young man in profile (having a somewhat futuristic haircut). Just wait a moment and the guitar seems to begin to play touching the strings of its body...

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