Two Birds

  • The U.S. one-dollar coin bears the image of an eagle.
  • The bald eagle is a heraldic symbol of the United States.
  • The eagle embodies majesty, power, victory.
  • According to ancient Greek tradition, the eagle is the direct emissary of the supreme god, Zeus.

There is some justification for comparing two such distant objects as the moon and a coin, since the luminescence of the visible side of the moon is similar to the luster radiated by the metal of a coin. Analyses of samples of the lunar surface brought to earth in 1970–1973, showed the crust of the "lunar seas" to have high concentrations of heavy elements (iron, titanium, chromium, and zirconium).

A well-known expression about "the moon shining like a polished coin" (see the stories of O. Henry) is based on the observed similarity between such different objects as coin and moon.

Likewise, the "value" of the moon changes, like that of a silver dollar, and its 100 percent worth corresponds, as it were, to the full moon. Given the legendary influence of the moon on people's fortunes, it also may be that the exchange rate depends on the phases of the moon.