Clam & Shell Knights

  • This composition consists of two warriors, placedopposite each other.
  • There are two opposing ways to view them.
  • Are they enemies or brothers in arms?

At first, the warriors' stance may remind us of the ancient Roman gladiators facing off against each other in deadly combat in the Colosseum or some other large arena. The symmetry of the composition could symbolize the equal chances of winning for both opponents. It is known that a wounded gladiator had an opportunity to survive, depending on the decision of the crowd. If the majority of the spectators raised their thumbs up, life was granted; if they turned their thumbs down, it was not.

On second thought, however, the two warriors may be joining forces against a mutual enemy with both shields braced together on the same plane. As the song goes,it's merrier together, it doubles our strength.