We Will be Together

  • The central idea in this painting is the full cup of life.
  • Such fulfillment can be achieved through the happiness between man and woman.

This fullness of life and immersion in it – in the traditional "wishing you happiness" gesture – appears in wine glasses raised and well wishes given. Here, that symbolic cup of life also is presented by nature in the form of the primeval ocean and surrounding landscape. The base of this cup of life and the axis of the painting is the road that a man and woman travel together to arrive at mutual understanding. The road acts like a thermometer gauging their desire. The car traveling this road marks the height of their mercurial passion for each other. As the car ascends toward the sea, their passion for each other rises ever higher.

There is a lotus flower down at the lovers' feet. This common symbol has multiple meanings in Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Egyptian traditions. Opening at dawn and closing at dusk, the lotus is an embodiment of the revival of the sun, renewal of love, return of youth, and perpetual immortality.