What the Fish was Silent About

  • Shortly after America was discovered, gold, a lot of gold, was found.
  • Day and night, ships carried this gold away.
  • A clipper ship named Flying Fish sank in a storm. Its precious golden cargo sank with it.
  • No one knew what happened to the Flying Fish, it was just deleted from the register and altogether forgotten.
  • The sea keeps many secrets, and chests of gold are among them.

A school of fish was swimming near the chests and saw gold at the bottom of one of them, which burst open after hitting the ocean floor. "What do we need these round things for?" they said to each other in their own fishy language. "They are not even food…"

Somehow, one of them made the coins stick to its prickly scales and started shining. Trendy Girl they called her. Although the coins were quite heavy, she was so proud of her outfit that she kept it on even while hunting for food.

People knew nothing about the treasure having been found because the fish was as silent as ever.