• Life is not all cakes and ale. Change is sometimes violent, requiring a certain amount of force.
  • Although each person has a unique path in life, the beginning is always connected with the "parental nest," the place where one was born and raised, forever influenced.

The wind can't be depicted – it is an invisible force. However, we are aware of its existence because we can feel its power.

In a Japanese epic, the god of wind is portrayed carrying a leather sack on his shoulders. In the painting, the fluttering shirt is an embodiment of the wind. This is the wind of change, the wind of wanderings that blows a person out of the comfort of the parental nest, propels one to find the path that leads to adulthood. This process can be chaotic – it is an upheaval, a removal from the familiar. As the ladders indicate, it is a time of alterations, of constructing a new life apart from the familiar. The cold, blue-green color pallet of this painting creates an uneasy mood. The journey ahead is an anxious one in which the endpoint is not known. Only the sun, reddening the distant clouds in the background, denotes the warmth and comfort of the abandoned home, the starting point.